Would you rather store your money in a safe at your office,

Or a vault at the bank?

When asked this question, the answer seems kind of obvious. Of course the reinforced steel and security of a bank is the better option. With, Microsoft Azure, the same principle applies to your data. When you choose to host your data in the cloud, it is stored within a Microsoft datacenter protected by the leading edge in data encryption technologies and personnel. 

Private connection2

Private & Encrypted

The Azure ExpressRoute service allows you to connect to your cloud server over a secure, private connection that bypasses public internet. Think of it as your own personal highway to commute to work on; just as you avoid the danger of reckless drivers, you’re avoiding risks of malicious third-party access.


Azure Cloud Services are compliant with the leading industry standards affecting your business. Whether you’re a healthcare provider searching for a HIPAA compliant cloud solution or a business searching for a vendor adhering to the most rigorous information security measures (FISMA or SSAE16), Azure maintains your security and data privacy. The service is independently verified with each individual security protocol, ensuring your needs are met.



Hosted across a global network of Microsoft owned datacenters, know that your data will always be kept safe and readily available whenever you need it. Up to three copies of your cloud server are kept as a backup to ensure the redundancy of your system, while up to 6 past versions can be recovered with the click of a button.


Have questions about your business’ specific security needs? Metro CSG can help you find the Azure solution that will keep your data secure.