Move away from a costly and unpredictable capital expense model in favor of a reliable operational payment structure. As physical hardware ages, the likelihood of system failure and necessary upgrades increases over time. By doing away with on-premises servers in favor of an Azure cloud solution, Microsoft takes care of all the general upkeep of your data center, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


Cloud as a Utility

Microsoft Azure pricing uses a pay-as-you go model, meaning that you only pay for what you’re using, not what you own. Just like water or electricity! Quickly scale up your server resources to meet seasonal demands and manage business growth without having to worry about setting up new physical servers or wasting server power.

Upgrades for Life

Since your Azure cloud is managed by Microsoft, every new update is rolled out to you immediately. This keeps the cost of your cloud server all in one place, at one low cost. When using an on-premises solution, however, you can only use your server software for as long as its developer is willing to support it. As a result, you’ll often find yourself facing looming deadlines to not only purchase new server software, but hardware that can support it.

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By hosting your data online, you move to a predictable payment schedule that you can count on. With no physical server hardware to maintain and an Azure disaster recovery plan to support you, you no longer need to worry about surprise system failures disrupting your operations.

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