Using an on-premises server is almost like placing a ball into a box. No matter which way you cut it, there will always be unoccupied space inside. Similarly, with physical hardware you can never fully utilize the space and power available, causing you to pay for something you aren’t 100% using.

In the Azure cloud, you pay for exactly what you use. No more, no less. The platform is highly adaptable to your needs, meaning that if you need extra space or computing power, setting it up is as easy as clicking a button.

Scalable Cloud


A business like yours may need to host email, a website, printer management, and more, all of which may not sit comfortably and play nicely on a single server. Not so in the cloud. The highly scalable nature of the Microsoft Azure platform means you’ll never have to worry about bogging down your hardware with too many functions. Simply allocate the resources you need and you’re ready to host!


Enjoy all the benefits of the cloud while maintaining control over your system with hybrid cloud solutions with Microsoft Azure. Unlike most public cloud solutions, Microsoft Azure comes hybrid ready and is easily configured to work alongside on-premises hardware running Windows Server. A great solution for companies with many users, hybrid cloud solutions allow you to maintain consistency with familiar tools and interfaces while enjoying all the benefits of the cloud.

Hybrid Communication


The open nature of Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service format allows you to build whatever your organization needs to do business. Run Linux virtual machines alongside Windows and SQL servers, and build custom applications using C#, Java and more. 

Wondering if Azure will be able to handle your system’s architecture? We can provide an assessment to determine your cloud readiness. Free of charge!