As a cloud focused company, our expertise lies in implementing cloud infrastructure and strategy into the organizations we work with. Our expert staff know exactly how to handle your data to ensure a smooth migration of your critical resources and deployment of new cloud-based tools.



Engineers prepare your current infrastructure and resources for migration to the cloud. This includes setting up your cloud server environment and mapping resources to their new location, such as files, workloads, applications, etc., as well as performing test migrations to ensure minimal time spent transferring. Our team also backs up your data prior to deployment to ensure it can be quickly recovered in the event of a migration error.

Deployment & Migration

Once the final adjustments to your environment have been made and everything has been approved on your end we proceed with the cloud deployment/migration at a pace that works for you. This can be spread out over the course of a weekend or several months depending on what your needs are. This process also includes replicating your on-premises environment in the case of a backup and disaster recovery plan. Because your server is synchronized with the cloud during this process, there is little impact to your day-to-day activities and ongoing server processes.

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Test, Test, Test

Even the most carefully planned cloud migrations are not without the chance of a small hiccup. Throughout the duration of the implementation process Metro CSG ensures no minor error goes unnoticed. System engineers continually test completed workloads to ensure they are functioning correctly and optimally, while making sure all data was successfully migrated to the correct location in your cloud server.

Ready to move into the cloud? As your Microsoft partner, Metro CSG can help manage your Azure migration and ensure a smooth transition for your business.