With years of experience and thousands of users already migrated, Metro CSG is an expert in the development of Azure migration strategy. We use a tried and true three step process to discover the cloud solution for your business. In-depth analysis and a comprehensive development stage are key when it comes to planning a successful cloud migration.

By paying attention to your individual needs as a business goals, we design cloud solutions that not only meet the technical requirements of your organization but play a key role in achieving your long term plans for business growth and development.



Before we work with you, we want to get to know you! What kind of business do you run? What do you want to accomplish with Azure? What is your understanding of it? These are just a few of the questions we ask to get an understanding of your unique technical situation.

From there, we provide a preliminary service recommendation for what your best Azure solution would be. There is always the chance that the Azure cloud may not be for you, so we will work to find you the cloud services that suit your needs.


Our engineers perform an in-depth analysis of your environment to determine whether or not hit is fully prepared to migrate to Azure. While the cloud is indeed a highly flexible platform to host a number of different business resources, some applications and workloads are simply better suited to run in a physical server. Using our Azure assessment tool, we determine whether or not infrastructure is cloud ready.

Analysis 2
Cloud Development


Based off of your preaddressed end goals for migrating to Azure and the status of your current infrastructure, our development team drafts a plan which compliments both of them. We provide you with an Azure migration checklist of necessary changes to move forward, as well as a timeline for the project. Our project managers handle every step of the process to make sure your move into the cloud is as comfortable as possible.

So, ready to make the jump into the cloud?