Is that old hunk of junk in the back of the office starting to show its age? Maybe the computing power it came with just isn’t cutting it anymore. Errors, slowed connection speeds and delayed responses are all signs it may be time to consider upgrading. Why not break out of the cycle of upgrades and advance to the cloud? With Microsoft Azure, you get a flexible cloud platform to host your business and benefit from new found cloud utility.



Since your server exists in the cloud, it is completely managed by Microsoft within their data centers. As a result, you forgo the problems of increased instability as time goes on. The average server has a lifespan of about 5 years before performance begins to drop off, locking you into a never ending cycle of upgrades and replacement. In the Azure cloud, expect the same quality of service as long as you host there, without the need for upgrades.


By migrating to Microsoft Azure, you can create a flexible file server that is accessible from anywhere: work, home, on the road, as long as there’s an internet connection you’re good to go! Doing so will also allow you to better centralize your users and your business. Do you have telecommuters on staff who work remotely? Cloud hosting your resources will keep them better connected to your company and foster better communication.

Accessible from Anywhere
Infinity server2


When you migrate to Azure, the constraints of a physical drive become a thing of the past. The scalable nature of this cloud platform allows you to add as much server power as needed without the need for a costly hardware upgrade. Just allocate the resources you need and the cost of your subscription will accommodate, saving you money.