Azure Active Directory services allow you to better manage large groups of users with your organization. Set up permission groups to ensure only authorized users are able to access specific file server folders and applications. Active directory allows you to seamlessly pair multiple cloud services together, such as Office 365 hybrid deployment.

Azure Login

One Login

Azure Active Directory integrates with thousands of popular platforms your business may use on a daily basis to create a complete single sign-on experience. From AccuWeather and Adobe and all the way through YouTube and Zillow, Azure merges all your user’s many account logins into a single username and password combination that grants them access to them all.

For a full list of compatible platforms, click here.

Extra Security

Integrating Azure for identity management allows you to require multi-factor authentication for users logging into company accounts, bolstering data security with an added level of protection. For example, users may need to confirm entry with a passcode sent via text. Meanwhile, Azure machine learning screens for unfamiliar entry methods to detect identity theft.

Multi-Factor Login

Simple Permission Management

Easily manage the usage rights and permissions of users on a group and individual basis, to make sure files are only accessed by those who need to see them. You can also create a hierarchy of permission groups through which you can delegate specific tasks to assigned users, lightening the burden for many of your technical staff members.

Think an identity management solution is for you? We provide Azure identity services to help manage the user permissions in your network.