Virtual machines in Azure allow you to consolidate your resources in one convenient location without having to worry about whether or not your infrastructure can handle them. The highly scalable nature of the platform allows you to quickly add and subtract servers as you need them and allot the resources you need to run them. For businesses with a large number of users who work remotely, Azure hosted desktops allow for seamless integration of these users granting them equal access to the information you utilize in-house.


Secure Mobility

Hosting desktops allow users to access their workspace from anywhere in the world, from any device. As part of your cloud network already, these cloud computers can access all the resources needed to do work, such as file servers, applications and databases. Hosted across a secure connection to the cloud server, accessed data is prevented from being saved locally, keeping sensitive information secure.

Reduced Hardware Costs

By centering your workforce within the cloud, you not only remove the need to replace server hardware but user workstations as well. With the rise of BYOD and increased device mobility, users can choose work on their own personal laptops without taking information outside of your network. Integrating hosted desktops has been shown to save businesses between 30-50% of their IT budget over four years.

VM Cost
Custom Cloud Desktop


Hosted desktops provide an easy means to work with data, while reducing need for individual machines. Users accessing data through a remote desktop have personal setting and preferences locked to their own company accounts, while allowing every session to start fresh for work. If needed, users can also be assigned their own personal remote desktops which act as unique local devices.

Ready to virtualize your business in the cloud? We can help implement a hosted desktop plan to grant you the accessibility you need.