With today’s reliance on new media and big data, sudden lapses in server integrity have the power to make or break a company. Powered by the cloud, Azure ensures the continuity of your day-to-day through anything that might compromise your on-premises datacenter. Whether you’ve been hit by the storm of the century or a simple power surge, continuous synchronization with your physical server keeps your cloud data current and ready to go live at a moments notice.

Recovery Site

Cloud Managed Sites

Typical recovery plans require the purchase and subsequent maintenance of off-site hardware to host data in the event of system failure. With Microsoft Azure, forgo the cost of maintaining a recovery site full time in favor of a cloud hosted utility model. Since you only pay for what you use, utilizing Azure to recover data is a highly cost-effective alternative.

Automated Recovery

Never worry about having to initiate a site recovery on your own, potentially costing you¬†valuable server operation time. With Azure, you’re able to determine the exact set of circumstances that trigger recovery of your infrastructure to the cloud. Easily assign policies to each individual protected instance that will keep your operations going, even in the face of a catastrophic system failure.

Automate Recovery

Zero Impact Testing

Azure offers options to run test recoveries, complete with reporting and monitoring to ensure optimal performance. Whether you need to test a mirror of your entire network in the cloud or sample the replication of a single process, you’re able to scale your recovery without changes or interruptions to your on-premises environment.