The modern business now often finds itself spread out over large areas. Local offices, regional branches, chains, all of which need to stay in sync in order to meet the goals of the larger organization they make up. Linking many offices together in the cloud gives you greater unity throughout your organization with shared files and databases on a single cloud network.

Collaboration Hands

Cloud Collaboration

Connecting users across a virtual network offers new opportunities to share data and work together. As each user has equal access to file servers and databases through the secure cloud connect that Azure provides, co-authoring and reviewing documents becomes a much simpler task.

Remote Access

Infrastructure linked through the cloud allows technical staff to provide hands on assistance to users not present on-site. When a problem arises, such as a file being lost, IT staff can utilize the Azure Remote App to view the screen of another user and find a resolution more easily. Whether the user is working at home or from the other side of the world, hosted desktops give them equal access to the help they need.

Remote Access
secure connection

Private Connections

Microsoft Azure’s cloud networking services are run through a private connection between your on-premises locations. Interfacing with your infrastructure in this way avoids public internet and prevents unintended and unwarranted access from malicious third parties. When in transit between two locations, data is encrypted as an added precaution.

Want to bring your business together in the cloud? We can help you to link your users together, offering you increased collaboration and security.