Lets face it, sometimes mistakes just happen. Maybe part of your database was corrupted by a virus or an important file was deleted accidentally. Either way, you’ll be wishing you could go back in time. With Microsoft Azure Backup storage, you can do just that for a fraction of the price.

This feature of the cloud platform service from Microsoft allows you to save previous iterations of on-premises hardware directly to the cloud so your data can be recovered from anywhere. And for those looking to move their entire datacenter into the cloud, Microsoft also offers backups for cloud servers hosted within Azure. Just sign up for cloud backups and up to six previous versions of your Azure cloud are preserved across two separate datacenters.



Following your initial backup, continuous synchronization with your on-premises hardware updates backups on an incremental basis. Smaller backups at a time mean less stress is put on your network, resulting in optimized IT performance. All the while, you are able to maintain a comprehensive collection of past server states.


Establishing a secure link between your dedicated in-house server and the cloud ensures you’ll be able to access your data backups right when you need them most. Meanwhile, 24/7 physical security to the Microsoft facilities and data encryption prevent your data from being compromised by a malicious third party.

Cloud Backup

Many Versions

The amount of data backups can accumulate over time, requiring an exponentially increasing amount of storage space. Managing this information may require purchasing extra hardware to maintain all of it. Azure provides you with the space you require for storing backups, with petabytes of potential space for you to utilize between many sites at once.

Looking to get some data redundancy for your business? As your Azure partner, Metro CSG can help you to implement an Azure backup solution and keep your data protected.